Latest Book Design

Here is one of my latest designs. A wonderful book by Paul Stryer. Here is what he had to say about it:


This is my first experience with writing and self-publishing a book. I started writing my book, BreadCrumbs to Financial Freedom, without the slightest clue on how to self-publish a book. One night about three months into writing my book it dawned on me I need a book cover. I started out in Microsoft publisher trying to make my own cover, and soon realized I needed a professional.


I did a few searches on Google and started to get really depressed with all the garbage I found and the lack of real information on the process of getting a book cover created. A few days later I did another search and found Ken's website , and from the second I found his website I knew Ken was the one that was going to create the most amazing book cover I could ever imagine. Ken's website was very well laid out with not too much clutter to detract from what he was trying to sell. And, unlike the rest of the artists that create book covers it was very clear how much I was going to pay, and how the payments work.


I called Ken and without knowing me or if I was really going to give him my business, he spent well over an hour on the phone with me. He went over the whole process and then started asking me very pointed questions to get to know me and my book. When I hung up I knew he was the right person for the job, and I made my down payment via his website and Paypal.


The very next day Ken emailed me his first attempt of my book cover, IT WAS AMAZING. We only changed one letter from lower case to upper case, and never looked back. It is like Ken had crawled into my head and came out with all the right information to create a most amazing piece of art that was just what I was looking for; and on his very first try.


After a professional photoshoot, and two weeks of me writing my bio and book introduction, Ken create an equally as awesome back cover that had ZERO edits.


While Ken and I were working he sent me some blogs to read on self-publishing, that changed my whole direction of how I'm going to publish my book. I think Ken also saved me from getting locked into a publishing deal that would not have been in my favor.


Thank you Ken for one of the best customer services experiences of my 50 years of life.


Click here to visit Pauls' website.